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“This is fascinating, compelling and thought-provoking drama which is achieved through clever, playful and collaborative experiences.”


All Edinburgh Theatre on Eden Gate


Our audiences find themselves in magical and unsettling mixed reality worlds where nothing is what it seems and they love it. We’ve had sell-out runs at the Edinburgh Fringe and our experiments with new audience-performance relationships and emerging technologies attract enquiring audiences.


Much of our work is commissioned by theatre organisations who want to do more. From pushing the boundaries of theatre, integrating VR/AR/MR, creating participatory projects or attracting new audiences, commissioners approach us because we work differently. 


Our R&D methodology is focused on research, experimentation, testing and risk-taking. Valuable activities you may not always be able to do in-house.

  • We work in a lab environment which provides the freedom and space to think, interrogate and play with the possibilities of VR/AR/MR and 360 degrees in a theatre environment. 

  • We put audiences at the centre, often playtesting, collaborating and co-creating as part of the development process. 

  • We bring a wide range of practitioners into our process, from developers to AI researchers, academics and spacial sound designers.


We do live VR theatre, immersive experiences using VR/AR/MR/360 degree and other emerging technologies, escape rooms, game theatre, ideas generation and exploratory workshops, emerging technology training for your tech team, digital dramaturgy, playtests and participatory workshops and projects. Read about Hotline, a recent work commissioned by Tron Theatre. 

“Produced Moon is definitely a creative team we would work with again in a heartbeat.”

Kevin Harrison, Director, Artlink Central

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