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Escape reality, call the Moon! 

Lines open 26 February - 6 March 2021

Run time: c. 45 minutes

In 1969 a rich white guy in the White House rings the moon searching for peace and tranquility.  It’s 2021... time to reopen the phoneline. Ring HOTLINE for a lunar adventure where you choose how your quest unfolds. In one phonecall you’ll play truth or dare with ambitious octogenarians, dream with the Almost Astronaut, and hear from time-bending civil rights visionaries. Play the game right and you might just reach the moon herself. 


HOTLINE is a free interactive phoneline. You get to choose your own adventure with just your keypad. Softly whisper hope into the cosmos or boldly lead an escape from NASA HQ - HOTLINE is what you need it to be. 

Ring HOTLINE - a call that’s out of this world.

The Team


Devised by Produced Moon, Meghan Tyler and Nima Séne.

Featuring Hannah Jarrett-Scott as Oxmo

Evan Ifekoya as B.
LAPS as the Moon

Lloyd Darko as Ed Dwight
Sonique Noreiga as the Front of House High Priestess
Oreoluwa Sarah Adetoun Oshin as Matha Mwamba

Wise words from Jean, Brenda, Joyce Hennessy, Mags Connelly and Isabel Kean from the knitting group at Platform

Dramaturg: Anthony Simpson-Pike

Sound Designer: Suse Bear

Sound Design for the Moon: Alicia Matthews

Software Development: Sleekwater Software

Artistic Mentorship: Sarah Thom at Gob Squad

Graphic Design: Teka Wreka

PR: Binita Walia at The Space in Between

Producer, Tron Commissioned: Daisy Douglas

Commissioned by Tron Theatre and produced in association with Platform Glasgow.

HOTLINE is being delivered with support from the Scottish Government’s Performing Arts Venue Relief Fund, administered by Creative Scotland.

We also were very honoured to work with two groups at Platform who feature in the show.

Wise messages were left on the Moon by Jean, Brenda, Joyce Hennessy, Mags Connelly and Isabel Kean from the knitting group at Platform; as well as performances from exceptionally talented young people Lloyd Darko, Sonique Noreiga and Oreoluwa Sarah Adetoun Oshin.  

Lloyd Darko

Lloyd plays the role of Ed Dwight and also wrote and performed a poem 'This is My Reality'

Lloyd is a very diverse, outgoing, ambitious, open-minded, passionate, and energetic artist. Born and raised in Glasgow, United Kingdom with a strong sense of his homeland, Ghana. His Work range from Poems, Spoken Word, Songs, Modelling, Music Making, Performing Arts, Filmmaking, Motivational Performances, etc. Be apart of Multiple projects such as Time Oot, A state of emergency, Sterling - In God's Hands, Telt! etc.

Sonique Noreiga

Sonique plays the role the Front of House High Priestess and also leaves a message to parents on the Moon.

Sonique is a very diverse, outgoing, ambitious young woman. She is also a passionate and energetic artist. Her work ranges from Poems, Spoken Word, Songs, Singing, Performing Arts, Comedy etc. She has been a part of projects such as Time Oot, gaming workshops with Produced Moon, Podcasts with Platform and more.

She has also taken part in spoken word competitions with my school and achieved her Duke of Edinburgh and enjoys being out in nature.

She hopes that our work has been as enjoyable for you as it was for us making it

Oreoluwa Sarah Adetoun Oshin 

Oreoluwa plays the role of Marta Mwamba and leaves a message on the Moon. 

Hello! My name is Ore and I am 15 years old. In recent years I won best main speaker and best group for public speaking and volunteer at Hairmyres Hospital, regularly sing at church and enjoy reading in my spare time as well as learning new skills like British Sign Language, Braille, cooking foreign cuisine and learning to play instruments such as bass guitar and keyboard. I am an A candidate for National 5 Geography, English, French, Spanish, Chemistry, Biology and Graphic Communications and hope to become a doctor in the future. 


Brenda leaves a message on the Moon.

There is light in our lives, it’s just around the corner.

Isabel Kean 

Isabel leaves a message on the Moon.

A resident of Easterhouse since 1966.


Jean leaves a message on the Moon.

Jean, originally from Saddleworth, West Yorkshire, now living in Barlanark, east end of Glasgow.

Joyce Hennessy

Joyce leaves a message on the Moon.

Mags Connelly

Mags leaves a message on the Moon.

A resident of Easterhouse



How long is the show?

Around 45 minutes, depending on what routes you take.

Do I have to speak?

No - it is a performative experience, all pre-recorded. The only thing you have to do is choose your path by pressing the numbers on your phone keypad.

How do I access the phone number?

Ring 0808 196 8619

The phone number is live - between 12pm on 26th February and midnight on 6th March and you can call it at any time. The number is free to call from any UK phone. 

Can I call more than once?

Yes, please do call as many times as you like.

How much does it cost?

It’s free to use.

What if I do it wrong?

There are no wrong ways to call the moon - it’s up to you what journey you take. You can restart at any time by hanging up and calling the number again.

What if it doesn’t work, my phone doesn’t connect, or I just get a ‘busy’ tone?

The experience has been tested many times, but on occasion things do go wrong!

If that happens, don’t worry - check our social media for any updates on issues.

Should problems persist, please contact the Box Office and we’ll look into it for you.  Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 11am-4pm and we can be reached on 0141 552 4267 or emailed at ​​


What if my phone cuts out?

If your phone cuts out, just call back. You can either continue from where you were or start again from the beginning.

What will happen to the data collected from the phone call?

When you call the HOTLINE your personal data (inc. telephone number) will not be stored or shared and will solely be used for your involvement with HOTLINE.  The system being used for this event is owned and operated by Produced Moon, you can view our full Privacy Policy here.

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