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Produced Moon’s board is looking to grow later this year, as we add another voice to our Trustees. We’re looking for someone interested in being our treasurer. 


Produced Moon is a young organisation in an innovative and rapidly growing sector. As our treasurer you would both support us as we deliver the ongoing financial management of the organisation as well as helping us think strategically about our future, building financial processes and structures as we grow. This role is great for someone who is interested in gaining board experience and working in a hands-on, collaborative role to support an arts charity delivering meaningful creative projects. 

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We’re looking for someone who is excited by what Produced Moon does, who shares our values, and who is interested in bringing their experience in finance to join our team. You don’t need to have worked in charity finance before, or have been a board member, and we can offer support and guidance for people who are new to working with charity finances in this way and are keen to learn. 


Download the full Board Application Pack here (pdf)

Large Print Version (18 pt doc)

BSL Version

Audio Version

We are a SCIO - a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation. The main responsibility of a charity trustee is to ‘act in the interests of the charity’. For us this means: 

  • Support Produced Moon in achieving its charitable objectives

  • Keep asking how Produced Moon can fulfil their objectives better and exploring how this can be done

  • Be an advocate for Produced Moon and our work 

  • Support other trustees in fulfilling their duties and responsibilities 

  • Keep asking how the board can better support good governance, and exploring how this can be done 

  • Attend board meetings, anti-racism meetings & our Annual General Meeting (all meetings are remote and on Zoom)

  • Report any problems, personal concerns or absence to the Chair of the board. 


We are looking for someone who: 

  • Shares our values of being caring, challenging, pluralistic, experimental and playful. 

  • Has good organisation and communication skills

  • Has integrity, strategic vision and good/independent judgement

  • Is willing to devote the necessary time and effort to their duties as Trustee

  • Is able to take decisions for the good of the organisation

  • Is willing to speak their mind and listen to the views of others

  • Is able to work effectively as a member of a team

  • Has some experience in one of the following 

    • financial management or systems, for example writing or managing budgets

    • charity finances 

    • accounting, in particular producing or reviewing end-of-year accounts 


As a trustee, your commitments and responsibilities would include: 


  • Attending 

    • 3 board meetings a year online

      • These are 3-hour online meetings

    • ​​3 anti-racism meetings a year online

      • These are 1 hour 30 online meetings

      • Different board members present research and facilitate discussion

  • Attending finance and fundraising subcommittee meetings. 

  • Leading on the creation of the annual accounts and ensuring these are  independently examined by a registered independent examiner. 

  • Ensuring that the full annual accounts are submitted on time to OSCR (the Scottish Charity Regulator).  

  • Regularly reviewing Produced Moon’s financial documents, such as our cashbook, to evaluate the financial health of the company. 

  • Work closely with Produced Moon to build robust and sustainable approaches to financial management and governance. 


If you would like to apply for the role of Trustee, please email with the subject line ‘Treasurer Recruitment’ with:


  • your CV 

  • a short covering letter 


We also welcome video or audio applications. 


Our application process is rolling. 

Please note that all interviews will be online. We use Zoom software to host interviews, but are happy to switch to another video calling software.  


Produced Moon is an equal opportunities organisation. It's hugely important to us that this application process and the role of Trustee is accessible to all who are interested and want to apply. 


We are especially keen to hear from applicants who are underrepresented in our sector, including People of Colour/People of the Global Majority*, D/disabled people, Queer people and Working Class applicants.


We can guarantee an interview to People of Colour/People of the Global

Majority, D/disabled people, Queer people and/ or Working Class applicants who meet the job criteria. If you would like to be guaranteed an interview

please include the word ‘YES’ in the email subject line of your application. 


You don’t need to take up this offer if you do not want to, or to specify which group you belong to.


We will work with short-listed candidates to ensure the interview process is as accessible to them as possible, and will aim for our structures to be as accessible as possible for anyone who takes on the role of Trustee. 


For example: 


  • We can organise a BSL interpreter for your interview and subsequent board meetings. We are happy to identify someone or can work with someone you suggest. Please note our written documents are all in English.

  • We can organise a translator for your interview and subsequent board meetings. We are happy to identify someone or can work with someone you suggest. Please note our written documents are all in English.

  • We can pay for childcare costs needed for the interview and subsequent board meetings. 

  • We can provide interview captioning. We work with Zoom software which has in-built Otter AI captioning. We are happy to work with other captioning providers. 

  • We will give you 7 days notice for your interview date and time.  

  • We will send interview questions 48 hours in advance. 

  • If there are other specific access measures you require let us know and we can try and facilitate them. 


*We have opted to use the terms People of Colour/People of the Global Majority across our communications but if you personally identify with a different term, we are happy to change to that term when working with you. 


If you’d like to talk to us about being a trustee or have any questions email 

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