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The Inventors Squad

Audio Adventures for Young People & Families

The Lost Program & Reporting for Duty


The Inventors Squad is a new series of audio adventures about fantastic but forgotten inventors. Each adventure in The Inventors Squad series tells the story of a different female scientist, mathematician, engineer or inventor, leading its audience member on a physical journey as they hear about the life, work and legacy of a hero of science.


The first two works in The Inventors Squad are The Lost Program, about the world’s first computer programmer Ada Lovelace, and Reporting for Duty, about inventor and Hollywood star Hedy Lamarr.

The Lost Program and Reporting for Duty were first shown at Innovate Guildford in March, and were recently at Manchester Science Festival in October 2017.  

The shows are for children 10+ and their families.

Tell Me More...

Our audience members arrive at the Produced Moon control desk where one of our Tech Queens will help them decide which adventure they want to go on first. They then download the app from the App Store or Google Play store onto their phone and are given a set of special Produced Moon headphones. For families adventuring together we have plenty of headphone splitters so everyone can be connected to the same phone!

The adventurers then set off around the venue as the app takes them on an exciting adventure, finding hidden clues around the space and solving tricky puzzles.

You can see documentation from our recent trip to the Museum of Science and Industry for the Manchester Science festival below.


"I thought it was very realistic and gave me a sense of suspense."

Zainab, aged 10

"It made me think a lot and work together!"

Thomas, aged 9

"I really enjoyed it and thought it was a very good idea for kids my age"

Ella, age 12


History’s first programmer, Ada Lovelace, needs your help finding a lost program! Come with Ada on an adventure, finding hidden treasures and solving puzzles. The daughter of a poet father and mathematician mother, Ada uses both her creative spirit and technical skill to become a remarkable inventor. Interactive theatre company Produced Moon invite you to join Ada and take part in a 20 minute audio adventure about computers, ciphers and the beauty of technology.


All you need is a pair of headphones, a smartphone, and a curious mind.


It’s World War II, and the warship Eva Maria is about to be destroyed by a huge torpedo. Its last hope is extraordinary inventor Hedy Lamarr. And you! Interactive theatre company Produced Moon invite you on an audio adventure based all around the life and times of the woman who invented frequency hopping, a WW2 anti-torpedo technology that went on to give the world everything from Wi-Fi to Bluetooth.


Aimed at kids aged 10 and over, all you’ll need are headphones, a smartphone, and your wits about you.


Conceived and Developed

by Melanie Phillips and Leonie Rae Gasson

App Design and Programming

by Melanie Phillips and Leonie Rae Gasson


Reporting for Duty

Isabel Palmstierna as Hedy Lamarr

William Watt as Commander Mandl

The Lost Program

Ros Ford as Ada Lovelace

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