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Part theatre - part video game

New interactive theatre for teenagers and adults


We are currently developing Glitterati, a show exploring who we are online and the gamification of identity.


Our first period of development was supported by Scottish Youth Theatre and Creative Scotland. In collaboration with games makers Biome Collective we created a prototype show - part theatre, part video game - that the young people described as 'Black Mirror meets and escape room'.

We used the story of the Gay Girl in Damascus Hoax as our starting point and from there went on a journey across the internet, through memes, vlogs and tide pods. We worked with a diverse group of teenagers, introducing them to interactive theatre, digital theatre and video game making and working with them to develop this new piece of work.

Scroll down for a video about the project!


With thanks to the Scottish Youth Theatre for their support, National Theatre of Scotland for their space, and Coney for their guidance.


Supported by Creative Scotland



“I never knew just how involved an audience could be but after our what can a player do discussion I realise audience is so much more than just watching”.

A young participant from SYT

"I loved being involved in innovative theatre"

A young participant from SYT


Created by Produced Moon,

games designers and developers from Dundee’s Biome Collective, and a group of young people from Scottish Youth Theatre.

Produced Moon

Leonie Rae Gasson

Melanie Phillips


Biome Collective

Malath Abbas

Tom DeMajo

Albert Elwin


Sylvia Maria Banks

Jacob Dudgeon

Molly Geddes

Stephanie Gyasi

Olivia Hemmati

Ben McCallum

Karen McGrady

Jessica Mitchell

Oliver Mitchell

Tessy Okusanya

Emily Taylor

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