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Over two weeks we worked with young people to create online interactive stories and special instillations to play them in.


At Platform, Easterhouse, we worked with teenagers and made 10 interactive stories. We also worked with SoundSystems who designed soundtracks for the games. The two weeks culminated in a game-athon where the public was invited to come and play the games in some amazing instillations the young people had built to house their games. One of the games was live scored with the young game maker creating a soundscape for the player as they played the game!  

Most of the young people hadn't taken part in any arts activity for at least a year and they all left having made their own amazing game. Play them below!


Supported by the Big Lottery Fund

"3 words to describe these workshops: amazing, social, cool"

a young game maker

"I feel inspired"

a young game maker

Path to Freedom

This game was made by me: Yusuf Zahid. 


Why? Freedom and the process of attaining true freedom is an interesting subject. The views on freedom in this game are not my own views, but I think it's a fun way to take it, if depressing.


Many of the ideas, and the characters, stemmed from the Chaos Walking trilogy, a series of books by Patrick Ness, mainly because that was what I was reading at the time.

A in a Circle

This game has been made in 4 days by Arsham Reazaei, 17, in produced moon workshop.

It's about a post war world, and a country being in anarchy.

The player has to find out why his family were killed, he needs to solve puzzles to find his answer.


This game was created by Sarah Oshin, it is based off trust, morals and self-discovery.


Here you play as the character of Regina and make different decisions that effect the story in different ways. 

Not every path is the right path but that is up to you to choose. How you react under pressure will effect your ending. You will meet many people on your journey, friend or foe. However there's only one question nobody can answer but yourself...Are you Safe?

Choose your answers wisely.

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