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Application Deadline: 5pm Sunday 3rd October

Fee: £450

Timeline: 3 days through October 2021

Come work with us. Here are our current opportunities:

CALL OUT: Digital Stage Manager + Admin Assistant


Download this information as a PDF.

Produced Moon are looking for a digital stage manager + admin assistant to support us on an upcoming zoom event ‘VR Theatre: A Roundtable Discussion’. The event will last for 2 hours and explore the future of VR in the Scottish theatre sector. 


We’re looking for one person who can give us some administrative support before and after the event, and be our digital stage manager on the day.

BSL Call Out

BSL Call Out

Play Video

Fee = £450

3 days work at £150 per day. 


Tasks and Responsibilities 

Management of Zoom Event ‘VR Theatre: A Roundtable Discussion’

  • Manage the guestlist and waiting room

  • Allocate and manage break out rooms 

  • Support attendees to configure their Zoom and troubleshoot issues

  • Manage automatic captioning and work with the BSL translators to make sure the digital space is set up to support them most effectively. 

  • Support event facilitators in keeping the event running to time

  • Gather feedback information from event attendees via a Zoom poll


Administrative support

  • Manage guestlist, updating a list of attendees that can be accessed by the wider team. 

  • Send out key event information and reminders to attendees in the lead up to the event 

  • Send out follow up information and documentation to attendees after the event 

  • Be the first point of contact for questions and queries from event attendees

  • Compile and organise event feedback information 


Essential Experience 

  • To have managed an event on zoom before  

  • Familiar with spotlighting videos, organising breakout rooms, automatic captioning on zoom 

  • Experience working in administrative roles, either for an organisation or within your own work. 

Time Commitment = 3 days 

The event will take place between 3pm and 5pm on Friday 22nd October, with additional administrative work taking place in the week before and the week after. 


To Apply 

Please email with 


Deadlines for Application: Sunday 3rd October, 5pm 


We can support applications to Access to Work funding should you need, for example, a BSL interpreter, specialist software or a support worker to help you in this role.


Email us on

Message us using text or video on Instagram @producedmoon

Working with Us

Who are Produced Moon?


Produced Moon are an interactive digital theatre company working across Scotland. We are a registered SCIO (SC050021) run by two Co-Artistic Directors, digital artist and mathematician Melanie Frances and queer neurodivergent immersive theatre maker Leonie Rae Gasson. Our work ranges from escape rooms to game theatre, participatory digital storytelling to 360 degree film. We play with form and push at the boundaries between live and digital work.


Care and Inclusion


We are a female-led queer-inclusive company; all our work is made in recognition of, and often with a focus on this identity. 


We aim to put care at the centre of all our work. Specifically we actively discuss mental health and emotional wellbeing in every process and build relationships, dynamics and schedules in ways that feel meaningfully supportive to everyone in our creative teams. We aim to create processes that are kind to ourselves and each other. The Produced Moon team includes people with mental health issues and neurodiversity and so our working habits change and adapt with each project depending on who we are working with and where we are at. Covid 19 puts huge pressure and stress on our lives on top of other things that might be going on and so we recognise this and will start the process establishing the support and flexibility we will all need. Please do get in touch if you’d like to talk to us about this before applying.


Anti-racism is hugely important to us as an organisation and we are working towards embedding anti-racist actions in all the work we do. You can find out more about this on our website.


We are an equal opportunities organisation, and it is really  important to us that our roles, processes and working relationships are accessible, and are meaningfully responsive to everyone we work with. We can support applications to Access to Work funding should you need, for example, a BSL interpreter, specialist software or a support worker to help you to work with us.

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