Black lives matter. To be silent is to be complicit. We must all actively work to dismantle racist structures in our work and personal lives.  Anti-racist work is vital in all aspects of life.


(updated 19/03/21)

To help us understand our complicity in racist structures and how to dismantle them we have used some amazing resources. A small selection of them are below, we change and update this list over time. 

Black Lives Matter: Educate Yourself


A Radical Library reading list

Me and White Supremacy: How to Recognise Your Privilege, Combat Racism and Change the World by Layla Saad

Black Lives Matter Toolkits

Support Black Businesses in the UK

Support Black Businesses in the US

People to follow on social media:

Munroe Bergdorf



De-colonising the Archive



Travis Alabanza



No White Saviours:



Black Lives Matter UK:



The Black Curriculum





Ibram X. Kendi on How to Be an Antiracist, Brené Brown's Unlocking Us podcast.

 About Race with Reni Eddo-Lodge



28/10/2020: UPDATE


We've made some organisational changes to formalise how we approach anti-racism as an organisation.



- Before deciding to work with any new organisation we ask them what their approach to anti-racism is to ensure our values align and to help keep all members of our teams safe. This is always followed up with further discussions to help us learn from their approaches and help them learn from ours. 


- Our projects will never have all white production teams. 


- Every board meeting has an anti-racism agenda point, this is an opportunity for us to dissect a specific aspect of anti-racism within the organisation. This helps us look at things like our recruitment structures and complaints procedures through an anti-racism lens and make changes.

- Whenever we are looking to work with someone, whether its an intern, PR or producer, we create a shortlist of qualified people to approach. Lists will always feature exciting people of colour working in the field. Whenever working with external organisations we apply the same principle, if someone suggests a collaborator to us we ask for a list and for that list to contain people of colour.

- We are at the start of an ongoing journey. We will be using this page to highlight changes we are making and continue to update it.


12/06/2020: OUR STATEMENT


Black Lives Matter.

To be silent is to be complicit.

We publicly commit ourselves to being an actively anti-racist organisation, and dismantling the structures of white cis-hetero supremacy in the work that we make and all the ways that we make it.

These structures have benefitted us and our work. We have not been doing enough to actively recognise, challenge or dismantle them.

Our first step is to talk: within our Board, with our peers and with our sector about how to better embed active anti-racism into every part of our organisation: our management and internal procedures, but also who we are funded by, what spaces we present work in, which organisations we collaborate with. We will ensure these conversations turn into actions, which will be fully captured on a policy level and in all our long term strategies, also always building in structures and processes so we are held accountable.

In the short term, we are donating company funds to organisations working to support black lives in the midst of a society built on white supremacy. These organisations are doing really important and valuable work. We have highlighted them in our Instagram stories if anyone wants to look further, please do donate if you can.

As a majority white organisation, we will be getting in contact with other majority white organisations that we are working with to encourage them to do the same if they are not already, and discuss how to embed anti-racism practices meaningfully across the sector.

Right now more than ever we see the importance of communication - both in listening and in speaking. Voices who have not been heard need to be listened to. Theatre has the ability and the duty to amplify both the voice of the individual and the collective. Let's keep working and as an industry work better.

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Leo & Mel (Artistic Directors) & Drew, Harriet, Isabel & Jon (Board)