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Manifest! Free workshops for young women and non-binary people. The image shows young women laughing and a drag king staring intently ahead.

MANIFEST: A participatory drag king flash mob

In 2019 Produced Moon were supported by Arts Council England and the Westway Trust to R&D a new participatory project exploring the politics of gender in public space.

We worked with drag king Thrustin Lumbersnake and choreographer Elsabet Yonas to develop a scratch performance for a participatory drag king flash mob co-created by young women and non-binary people who identified as queer or an ally in West London. We had an amazing process and whilst the lockdown of March 2020 meant we weren't able to do the public sharing we wanted we have created some resources to share some of the exercises and ideas we explored. So if you, your school or group want to take part then check them out below.


These resources are aimed at teenagers and are free for anyone to use and share. 

  • Explore the public spaces around you with Mel's game.

Elsabet's Exercises

A Guided Meditation

This meditation is guided by choreographer Elsabet Yonas and asks you to think about what masculinity means to you.

View the English version by Elsabet or the BSL version by Bea Webster.

Exercise: Finding Masculinity in your Body

A short movement exercise from Elsabet Yonas inviting you to find masculinity in your body.

View the English version by Elsabet or the BSL version by Bea Webster.

Leo's Worksheet

Worksheet: Create Your Own Drag King Persona

Download this easy PDF guide to help you start to create your drag king persona.

Create your Drag King Persona Worksheet Page 1. Click to download the whole worksheet as a pdf.
Create your Drag King Persona Page 2. Click to download as a PDF.
Mel's Game

Play a Game

This short game challenges you to beat the timer in a treasure hunt! See public spaces around you in a new way. Head to a local street, park or shopping mall to play.


You can play the word version or the image version.



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