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A Produced Moon and Platform Co-production


A State Electric is a new immersive game installation co-created by Produced Moon and local young game makers.


Over 6 days we created the new city of Crofein, a world in which overpopulation dominates the news cycles, facial recognition software is integrated into every aspect of life and the space race is back on. Extensive surveillance has virtually eradicated crime but trouble is brewing as automation has led to mass unemployment and the rebels have a plan. The young game makers have created 5 new games that exist within and explore aspects of this new world.


The games will be available to play for free all summer, housed in an immersive installation by Glasgow based designer Kirsty Currie.


Rebel Radio by Fraser

I am 13 years old and a speedcuber which means I try to solve twisty puzzles such as the rubix cube. I have always wanted to make a story but writing is boring so I made a game.


Crofein Hospital Dash by Issy

I am 16. Ever since I was little I have always wanted to be a doctor because I want to be able to know the difference between selfishness and selflessness.


The Pit by Andrew

I am 17 years old. I love watching action movies and playing sports. Because of this, I made sure my game is fast paced and intense. The Pit is an action game about the gaze.


A Questionable Journey by Sonique

I am 15 and a total space science junkie which is the focus of my game.


The Secret of Crofein by Sarah

I enjoy games and movies about mysteries as they can surprise you and challenge your assumptions. When people think everything will be okay, something else happens that throws everything off course.


A State Electric designed and facilitated by Produced Moon

We are Produced Moon, an interactive, digital theatre company working at the intersection of theatre and gaming. Our work is playful, political and feminist. Our work asks how we might be able to decide, think and live together differently. We are Associate Artists at Platform.  


Supported by the CashBack for Creativity Open Fund and Awards for All.

Want to make a Game?

Age 13 - 19?


Over the summer we will be running workshops at Platform, Easterhouse working with local young people who want to make games. 

Different workshops will look at video games, board games, LARPs and more!

All of our workshops are free with transport costs and free lunch included. No coding, gaming or creative experience necessary.

Sign up below for more information.

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